Embracing Peace Statue

Outdoor Sculpture
Tuna Ln (at N Harbor Dr)
San Diego, CA 92101


  • The iconic photo appeared on Aug 27 1945 in LIFE magazine. "In the middle of Times Square a white-clad girl clutches her purse and skirt as an uninhibited sailor plants his lips squarely on hers"
  • Cool place. Make sure you've seen the statues at the end of the deck.
  • Take a picture using Instagram!
  • Beautiful and iconic statue, cool Bob Hope statutes near by too.
  • Atardecer pico desde la baha.
  • Padrsimo el lugar y las vistas
  • Was this the same statue in Times Square. Maybe?
  • I Love this place with relevant history about
  • Picture! Picture!
  • Imperdible lugar
  • Nice place to be
  • Sper bir blge, heykel ve sava gemisi mutlaka grlmeye deer.
  • Smooch with the giant smoochers.
  • Es un lindo lugar para ver con tu pareja.
  • Try to get here earlier in the day for photos so the sun won't be against you.
  • Excellent to take a pic!
  • Beautiful place no words can Describe how pretty this place is.
  • The sculpture is beautiful and it is also minutes away from Bob Hope memorial and US midway marine ship
  • hey no kissing
  • Marvelous ;)

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