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Gas Station, Convenience Store
975 SR 173 (I-78 Exit 7)
Bloomsbury, NJ 08804
(908) 479-4136


  • Ok this is gross but my shower here yesterday morning wasn't pleasant. The shower smelled like urine. Peeing in a public shower really!!! Plus doesn't say much for 3rd shift cleaning staff.
  • Get here early for a parking spot, cause parking in this funny-shaped lot is tricky enough when it's empty. When it's full, it's like trying to play Jenga in reverse.
  • If you get here after 5pm good luck getting in a parking spot if you can find one
  • This TA sucks when your looking for parking spot.
  • I just played Jenga in reverse here at 6:30 pm.....AND WON!
  • We always stop here. The bathrooms are always clean, and there are a lot of food choices. It gets very crowded in line, though. The gas price has been pretty good.
  • No where to park at 5:30 pm
  • Don't try to park a truck after 5pm, it is impossible. But we got in alright now watching all the Yahoos try to park in here lol
  • Crystal is good waitress but parking sucks. Note: NEVER park on an end!
  • Don't eat the big blue mint in the mens room
  • Buffet is like overcooked dogfood , gross
  • Don't be one of those assholes that parallel parks alongside the building, blocking others from getting in or out of actual spaces.
  • Cleanest bathroom at this exit, gas same at all 3 spots- cheapest on 78 between 81 & NYC
  • Better bathroom than Pilot
  • Love this place . My kind of service. I am a regular costumer . I love it.
  • Burger King staff was friendly and service was quick. Super clean bathrooms!
  • What a hell hole
  • Coffee bar was empty
  • Best food a truck stop has to give is at a TA
  • Buffet changes from lunch to dinner at 4 PM. Get here 5-10 minutes early and save a couple of bucks!

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