Row 1

900 Nicollet Mall (at 9th St)
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 338-0085
Big Box Store
Mon–Fri: 7:00 AM–10:00 PM Sat: 8:00 AM–10:00 PM Sun: 10:00 AM–9:00 PM

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Foursquare Tips

  • So how did that "I need toothpaste & a birthday card $10 Target run work out?" You spent a C-Note didn't you! That's ok you are not alone
  • Great place to stop in, especially if you're feeling the shopping bug... Just watch out for all the target corporate goons they are majorly rude and don't understand that "excuse me" means "move".
  • Minimum of $50 cover charge just by walking thru the door.
  • I came in for a salad, I left with 20 Greek yogurts. Fml
  • Clearance rack shopping is not as good as it is in other Target stores...the selection gets picked over very quickly, especially in women's clothing and shoes.
  • For a good time grab a shopping cart and let the crazy cart escalator take it up and down for you. sweet!
  • This place is huge. It also has one of the few Starbucks in downtown.
  • A necessary evil.
  • For downtown workers, this is the most convenient place to pick up anything you need during the day from toothpaste to ties (and it's handy if you forgot your lunch too).
  • Don't forget that stuff you came here to get.
  • If you go to target, you will leave witk an empty wallet.
  • Spend 20 bucks and your first hour of parking is free. On Saturday and Sunday your first 2 hours of parking are free. Make sure the person at the cash register gets you a parking voucher.- The F
  • Don't forget, it's really hard to get a faux leather ottoman on a city bus.
  • This is place is by a lot of offices. You can tell because they have more Nerf stuff here than anywhere else I've ever seen. Poke someone's eye out! Nerf.
  • Grocery section is limited to packaged items but a rather unique two-story Target with underground parking (enter on LaSalle Ave.) and where most new retail concepts are tested.
  • Always better than Walmart.
  • Don't come dressed I your Walmart finest. Security still won't let you in. They have a dress code here.
  • Dear buyers: why is this store merchandised for deep suburbs when the store is downtown? You need a City Target for urban customers.
  • The mothership of all Target stores.
  • There are some interesting folk you see around this area. Enjoy people watching.