Sushi Burritos and Brews– Uma Temakeria

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Sushi Burritos and Brews– Uma Temakeria

Uma Temakeria - Feature (#noBSfood @foodNfest)

The people of New York City know good food. They know how they like, where to get it, and above all, they know how to get it quickly if necessary. Who are we kidding? Speed is always necessary when you’re in the city. Uma Temakeria – home of New York City’s first sushi burrito – is serving up chirashi bowls, temaki, and sushi burritos. And they’re rolling them out at an exponential rate.

The menu in controlled to a limited number of ingredients in different variations, but Taco Bell has already proven that this concept works, so don’t knock it just yet. Besides, if you’re looking for a quick lunch, the last thing you want to do is take time to figure out what you’re having. That’s where we come in.

The sushi burritos and temaki are a must. Sashimi, rice, and toppings. You can’t go wrong. If you’re unaware of what temaki is, it can most simply be explained as a cone-shaped burrito, just smaller in size. The benefit of this is that you can have two or three of these and still be awake for your 4pm meeting.

Get either of the Temaki Sets – it comes with two or three temaki and one side. While all the fish is incredibly fresh, we’re going to give the #noBSfood approval to the Cali crab and salmon. Get cucumber, tobanjan mayo, and sesame seeds on your salmon temaki while getting apple, cucumber, and wasabi-ginger on your Cali crab temaki. For your side dish – Edamame hummus with freshly sliced vegetables.

Although you may not spend too much time here, especially if you’re taking your food to go, be sure to indulge in a cocktail or beer. Not sure if the flagship location is on the same page, but Gotham Market is loaded with drinks. And well let’s be honest, drinks are good at any time of the day.

Uma Temakeria = #noBSfood

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