Summer Recipe: Olive & Herbs Potato Salad

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Summer Recipe: Olive & Herbs Potato Salad

 Olive & Herbs Potato Salad

Potato salad is one one of those dishes that shows up time and time again in all our summer gatherings - From BBQs, to pot luck lunches, to al fresco dinners, and even as appetizer spoons at cocktail parties!
Mainly because my husband makes THE BEST potato salad ever.Honestly! It's the reason I married him ;p
I could eat the stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner.It's that good!
My favorite way to serve it up is as a side dish with BBQ meats. The creaminess of the potatoes is gorgeously balanced with the tangy green olives and freshness of the herbs, which stand up and is a perfect match to any grilled meats and smoky flavors.
In our house, the hubby's the one in charge of potato salad. Always.
And it could well become part of YOUR barbecue-cooking repertoire this summer! ;)
It's a simple recipe, but the success of this dish depends on two ingredients... the quality of the potatoes and the mayonnaise. So don't skimp on those!

 Olive & Herbs Potato Salad

Summer Recipe: Olive & Herbs Potato Salad
Ingredients: Serves 4-6
* 1kg or 2 pounds of baby new potatoes (waxy potatoes are best)* 1 cup of mayonnaise* 1 heaped tablespoon of Heinz salad cream (optional)* 1 tablespoon of white wine or apple vinegar* 1 cup of very finely chopped spring or salad onions to include the green stalks* 2 table spoons of finely chopped parley* 2 table spoons of finely chopped chives* 20 or so, pitted green olives cut into quarters* Pinch of salt. Freshly milled black pepper.

1) Boil the waxy or new potatoes with their skins on, until just done (not over cooked) or al dente.  Don't use floury or starchy potatoes (like potatoes you would use for fries), because the recipe won't work.
2) Drain and turn out onto a plate or other dish. Leave to cool down for an hour or so.
3) When cool enough to handle, peel with a blunt knife, and cut into bite size pieces and set aside to cool further.

1) In a big mixing bowl; mix all other ingredients together (mayonnaise, salad cream, vinegar, herbs, olives and seasoning).
2) Add the cooled potatoes into the bowl and mix gently so as not to break the potatoes.Make sure all the potatoes are evenly coated. 
Cover and set aside in a cool place ready for serving. 
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