Starlight Six Drive-In

Drive-in Theater
2000 Moreland Ave SE (btw McDonough Blvd SE & Isa Dr SE)
Atlanta, GA 30316
(404) 635-1087


  • Atlanta's only surviving drive-in movie theater, it's been entertaining movie fans since 1949 & shows double-feature first run movies. The theater also features a flea market which is open on weekends
  • This treasure has been open since 1949 and is the last remaining Atlanta drive-in. Always a double feature and always a fun time. Tip: Bring chairs and portable radios so you can sit outside the car.
  • Military personnel get $1 entry with a valid ID!
  • LOVE the drive-in. Nice place to hang out with friends awhile before the movies start and then watch the movies
  • Get there early and don't forget your chairs, radio and cooler!
  • Turn your lights off please.
  • GO TO THE DRIVE IN. asap, it's affordable, family friendly and too much fun. Bring a picnic or pick up food on the go right by the theatre (Kroger or Chinese).
  • Bring a large group, picnic food, BBQ and grill. Get there early enough to grab the front row and have fun.
  • Come watch a comedy or something that doesn't require a lot of attention. Def bring beer snacks and whatever else you want for a good time.
  • It's worth it to do once in your life. But come when it's a night that's not too cold nor too hot. You don't want to keep turning your car off & on.
  • yo! they got VEGGIE DOGS AND KING OF POPS!
  • The snack bars now carry frozen delights from King of Pops! Outdoor movies and banana puddin' popsicles? Sign me up
  • Great value and great fun. Get there early and grill out before the sun sets and the flicks start!
  • Don't forget your most comfortable custom camp chairs when you show up for a movie or festival at the Starlight Six, and make a point of checking out the annual Monster Bash!
  • Cheapest movie ticket in Atlanta, you can bring your own food, drinks, chairs and have a good time. Why not come and enjoy? Keep Your Headlights Off!
  • This place is only $7 for a double feature. The snack bar is super cheap compared to most theaters. The catch? Everything's cash only so stop by the ATM before you come.
  • Portable boom box and batteries- nuff' said.
  • If one person has military ID, you both get military discount! $1 per person!
  • Get a nice place far end from entrances so you wouldn't be annoyed by the headlights. Turn the headlights off or the very least only fog lights.
  • Get here at least 1 hour early. And use the radio station they provide on your receipt - the ones posted at the bottom of the screens isn't always correct!

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