Soap Plant and WACKO

Gift Shop, Candy Store, Art Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd (at Rodney Dr)
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 663-0122


  • Coolest off the wall store in LA. It's like Target for hipsters.
  • In 1924 Walt Disney rented this vacant lot for $10 a month. Here he did live action filming of child actors for his Alice Comedies, an early film series combining live action with hand animation.
  • "it's like target for hipsters" ?! that doesn't even make any sense. but yes one of the best off the wall low brow art shops ever.
  • Erin Fetherston Loves: Soap Plant/Wacko for gifts, books and all sorts of fun home dcor. From funky shower curtains to sweet smelling soaps, there is something for everyone.
  • Examine the pop culture oddities.
  • Effing hot as fack! Packed as fack too! But it is a Saturday afternoon. My suggestion if you can, come on a weekday during the afternoon, skip the long hot lines and see/get some sick wacky gifts:)
  • Make sure you have some money on you when you walk inside the store. You're going to want to buy!!!!
  • Check out the art gallery
  • Find something for literally everyone you know. Such a great place!
  • Wacko has everything from action figures, cool books, Tiki glasses and tons of bobble heads. If it is strange and cool, you can find it at Wacko. Don't forget to check out the art gallery in the back.
  • Dripping with cool stuff. Great gallery in the back.
  • Lovely gift store with an amazing collection of books and hidden galleries!
  • If you're looking for an alternative gift, oddball ephemera, or a unique book, this is the place. It also houses the amazing La Luz De Jesus art gallery in the back. Easy to spend a pay check here. :)
  • Coolest place for unique, and oddball collectibles. For the crazy Uncle in every family. (Not the one that touched you) ... well depends what part of the store you shop in. Also an Art Gallery, my fav
  • Leave your watch at the door and get lost
  • WACKO is a fun gift shop, you never know what strange trinkets you'll find each time you pass through the door. Also an art gallery in the back.
  • Best selection of things and stuff.
  • Unique and fun gifts and books.
  • super cool art, worth the visit
  • Incense. Art. Wacky gifts. Blasts from the past. Books.

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