May Aldi Finds For Your Next (And Best) Backyard Barbecue

Warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine set the stage for backyard barbecues, and May is an excellent time to fire up the grill for friends and family. May also means a brand-new selection of awesome Aldi Finds, sought-after seasonal products that typically fly off store shelves quickly. For those unaware, Aldi is not merely a grocery store, it's a way of life for many shoppers. Just consider that Aldi has a fan club that includes millions of members, and a large part of the grocery chain's appeal concerns its products. 

The majority of products found at Aldi come from the store's private label, which are exclusive items. Along with being less expensive than name-brand goods, Aldi's private brands also have a lot to offer regarding quality. Just consider that some big brands are supposedly behind Aldi's products, although the chain typically doesn't reveal the manufacturers responsible for its goods. If you're planning a barbecue to celebrate the arrival of warm weather, here are a few can't-miss items that will be appearing at Aldi soon. 

Simply Nature Chicken Sausage

Since May 1, Aldi shoppers can choose from two new flavors of Simply Nature Chicken Sausage. The spicy Italian is perfect for making chicken sausage and white bean sandwiches, while the Cajun style goes great with rice and vegetables. Each 12-ounce pack costs just $4.99, which makes these chicken sausages an economical choice for backyard barbecues. 

Park Street Deli Jalapeño or Kapow Boneless Ribs

Boneless ribs are a great choice for outdoor gatherings, and Park Street Deli will offer two enticing flavors for just $6.99 beginning on May 15. Honey Jalapeño features a palatable sweet heat, which is a good option if you're trying to build up your spicy food tolerance. As for the Kapow flavor, Aldi shoppers are sure to enjoy the melding of garlic and tamarind. 

Kirkwood Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs

Kirkwood Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs will appear on Aldi shelves starting May 22 and retail for $5.99 per box. Along with the Zesty Mediterranean style infused with paprika, shoppers can pick up the Greek-inspired flavor. Remember, your grill setup is everything when making meat skewers, as the proper setup ensures that food cooks evenly. 

Kirkwood Southern Style Crispy Chicken

Retailing for $8.99 per package, Kirkwood Southern Style Crispy Chicken will be available at Aldi starting May 22. In search of the perfect side for your fried chicken barbecue feast? Amish-style potato salad is a delightful complement to chicken thanks to its tart yet subtly sweet flavor profile. 

Cattlemen's Ranch Prime Rib or Pub Style Beef Patties

What backyard grill fest would be complete without juicy burgers with all the fixings? Available from Cattlemen's Ranch on May 15, these beef patties come in Prime Rib and Pub Style. Aldi shoppers get six patties per box for just $8.49, which falls in line with Aldi's often affordable beef

Specially Selected Plant Based Brioche Bun

Specially Selected is the brand behind Aldi's vegan brioche buns, which will appear on store shelves starting May 15. Keep in mind that sweet brioche is one of many unexpected breads that put a fun spin on grilled cheese. Along with the brioche buns, shoppers can also find plant-based burger buns, both of which retail for just $2.79. 

Park Street Deli Hummus

Snacks are also crucial to backyard barbecues, and you can't go wrong with Park Street Deli Hummus. Beginning on May 8, shoppers can choose from Everything Seasoning and Honey Jalapeño flavors for just $1.99 per pack. As for pairing suggestions, here's a comprehensive guide to store-bought pita chips to help you choose. 

Deutsche Küche German Style Pickles

Aldi has pickle lovers covered starting on May 8, which is when Deutsche Küche German Style Pickles will make their grand debut on store shelves. At just $2.99 per jar, these pickles are bound to go fast. When seeking specialty products, remember that Aldi Finds are often located in a specific area of the store

Fremont Fish Market Hickory Bourbon BBQ or Honey Mustard Air Fryer Salmon

Available in Hickory Bourbon BBQ or Honey Mustard flavors, Fremont Fish Market's latest offerings hit Aldi shelves on May 1. Retailing for just $3.99, this tasty salmon dish even comes in an air fryer-friendly tray for your convenience. While air fryers don't actually fry food, they're ideal for creating the perfect crispy texture. 

Crofton Serving Tray or 6pc Storage Bowls

Presentation also matters when entertaining guests, and on May 8, Aldi shoppers can pick up an adorable tray or six-piece storage bowl set courtesy of Crofton. At just $9.99, these trays and storage bowls are stamped with summer-themed designs featuring colorful fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind that serving trays are Ina Garten's number one tip for hosting outdoors

CASALUX 2-Pack 3-in-1 Solar Tiki Torches

Seeking a safe and environmentally friendly method of illuminating your backyard at night? Then you'll want to check out the Solar Tiki Torches from CASALUX. Get everything you need to light up the night for only $24.99 per two-pack, starting on May 8. Now you can show off your grilling expertise after dark.

Belavi Steel Fire Bowl

Offering both warmth and illumination, the Belavi Steel Fire Bowl is a must for an enjoyable backyard atmosphere. In addition to late-night barbecuing, a roaring fire is perfect when planning a romantic summer al fresco date night. Available at Aldi on May 15, these fire bowls will retail for $39.99 each. 

TerraFlame S'mores Cinder Stove

Whipping up some tasty s'mores has never been easier thanks to the TerraFlame S'mores Cinder Stove. This adorable tabletop fire bowl will be available to shoppers beginning on May 22 and is priced at $34.99. You can also check out this ultimate guide to campfire s'mores for helpful tips on building a perfect backyard treat.