Seoul Korean Restaurant

Row 1

430 Green Springs Hwy
Birmingham, AL 35209
(205) 945-8007

Foursquare Tips

  • Never come back! We ordered a hotpot.The price was too high and the food was to little. We paid twice the price of the same food in other korean restaurants. Water, no matter iced or hot, charged $3.
  • No more beer and wine on the menu. But I believe they're OK with BYOB.
  • Fire chicken and bi-bim-bahb in hot pot are the best!!!
  • Had the beef bool-go-gi it wasn't bad tasting but not made like other Korean restaurants. This place is pricey but I may come back
  • Fire chicken is really tasty but the salads and sides just aren't my thing. More expensive than I realized but it's a lot of food.
  • THE OWNER COMMITS CREDIT CARD FRAUD. I clearly wrote $19.59 on the credit card slip. My bank statement showed that he charged me $23.50.
  • It will always get worse.
  • The beef ribs are AMAZING!!! Love them!
  • Recommended by Ronnie! I am giving it a try.
  • One of the few places in Alabama to drink soju!
  • Korean BBQ

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