Seaside Heights Boardwalk

Pedestrian Street/Plaza
Seaside Heights, NJ 08751



  • Cheese and grease are the mainstays at this New Jersey boardwalk. Pick up an authentic pizza pie at Three Brothers From Italy or double-fist it with legendary cheesesteaks from Midway Steak House.
  • Half the people that go here must not own a mirror.
  • When the bennies aren't here, random men will try to sell you drugs. I'm not sure what "a little bit of heaven" is but I sure as hell said no.
  • Skanks ahoy.
  • Scary very very very scary people
  • Midway Cheesesteak! SawMill Pizza and some Kohrs Ice Cream!
  • Seaside Tony's
  • if u wanna have fun then do something crazyyy :d
  • The waffles and ice cream. Just do it.
  • Kohr's ice cream is a must!
  • Great tasting food at Hooyah Denis! I recommend the sausage sandwich with chimichurri!
  • Polar Plunge 2012
  • look for the jersey shore
  • Ortley Beach is much nicer and a better element of people.
  • Midway steak house. Enough said.
  • This place sucks after Jersey Shore rolled through. And it wasn't that great before...
  • It's just not the same post-Sandy. Yet. #restoretheshore
  • The Midway Cheesesteak Sandwich are awesome!!
  • Easter Sunday on the Boardwalk, great family fun!
  • Must get funnelcake.

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