Scott Aquarium

3701 S 10th St (at Henry Doorly Zoo)
Omaha, NE 68107


  • Don't miss the Cuttlefish or the easily overlooked Porcupine Crab (he's in with the Giant Japanese Spider Crabs)
  • Back open after a very nice remodel
  • Penguin encounter at 10:30a
  • ...why is this listed as a sushi buffet??? Not funny!!
  • International Buffet... A laid back place to go by yourself or with friends! Good Food!!!
  • The penguins of course!
  • Beautiful exhibits. Would be nice to have a moving sidewalk to keep people moving. If you are claustrophobic avoid this section of the zoo on weekends.
  • Great aquarium at Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Watch the jelly fish. It's mesmerizing!
  • There's an "informal" penguin feeding at ~ 3:00 in the afternoon. Ask the staff.
  • Penguins are awesome
  • Good and not so super crowded
  • Check out the shark tunnel and the jellyfish room!
  • The penguins and the jellyfish are my favorite.
  • Pretty amazing at night!
  • The renovation looks awesome, Im glad to see they updated this amazing exhibit! I remember in the early '90s when it was j a sliver of the present size. Glad to see the octopus are back!
  • Get there before all of the kids all hopped up on candy
  • The shark tank is something I could bite off on...

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3701 S 10th St (at Henry Doorly Zoo)
3701 S 10th St (at Henry Doorly Zoo)
3701 S 10th St (at Henry Doorly Zoo)