Rio Rancho PREMIERE 14

Movie Theater, Cineplex
1000 Premier Pkwy SE (Southern & Unser)
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
(505) 994-3300


  • This movie theatre rocks clean and great people
  • Awesome leather seats.
  • Pacific Rim in D-Box seats was meant to be! Greatest time I've had at a movie! Seats are assigned. 2D > 3D
  • Nice new and clean place to see movies. They're working with 100% digital picture and sound. Usually not that crowded. Don't forget to get a rewards card so you can earn points on all purchases.
  • This place is hardly ever busy, even for premiers! Also brand new which is also awesome.
  • So good for weekend nights not really crowded at all
  • Don't forget to use your premiere rewards card just got me a free popcorn :)
  • Don't accidentally walk into the women's restroom if your movie is in theater 1 or 14. You won't like that part of the movie.
  • 1 free Refill on a large popcorn and large drink drank. Awesome!!!
  • What's good is great food, Movies, & Friends,& the employees great you like you are Family.
  • The employees are great people & when you have a question they try to answer it.
  • Movie prices are more reasonable than in the city
  • Too much fun having and not enough work going on in the concession area
  • Close to home, clean, great family theatre.
  • Best theater anywhere. It's always clean, staff is friendly and 100% digital.
  • The nachos are good, I get them when I'm really hungry.
  • This is one of my favorite movie theaters. However, I've noticed that in the last few months the speakers are just too loud, during the crescendo in an action or adventure film.
  • The best thing about this place is that it lets Legacy church hold service on Sunday at 10am
  • They have self-serve cheese machines for the nachos. Awesome for me, horrible for business and obesity rates.
  • Olympus Has Fallen was a good movie.

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