Yuxin Sichuan Dish (渝信川菜)

Szechuan, Chinese
成都北路333号 | 333 Chengdu Rd. N. (威海路 | at Weihai Rd.)
上海市, 上海市 200041


  • Make sure you order the spicy fish
  • a good place for sichuan food.
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  • Everything great except for the ribs. Skip the motherfuckin ribs. This is NOT DiShuiDong.
  • En sevdiim in mutfa buras, mutlaka gidin. The best chinese dishes are here, you should go once.
  • Bizim damak tadimiza uygun.
  • Accept reservations before 6pm.
  • The spice is right
  • I went to here in May 2008. I really recommend this sichuan restaurant for spicy foods lovers. Please click the link for the photo.
  • Got to do the (Chilli oil fish)
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  • Shuizhuyu (Water boiled fish) is the best I have ever tried.