White Castle

Fast Food, Burgers, American
8 Lafayette Rd
Metuchen, NJ 08840
(732) 548-5953


  • Best place on earth
  • The men's room hasn't been flushed since 2007
  • Don't come here at night and expect competent service. Ordered online and food was not ready and after waiting fifteen minutes was given the wrong price and food was still not even started.
  • Ughhhh. I feel sick. Tasted so good but not for sensitive stomachs
  • White Castle, 2 AM- where the wild things are.
  • ima give it one more try before i make a complaint, so if castle corp is reading this.. check up on this location on your over night staff
  • Ive been going to this location all my life and was never treated so bad before.Quick chek got my business that night.overnight employees need customer training and some manners.
  • So clean all the time
  • This White Castle is not in Metuchen! It's on Route 1 in the Menlo Park section of Woodbridge (about 2 miles from Metuchen). Near the Menlo Park Mall.
  • Burgers, Sliders, Rat-Burgers, whatever you want to call them
  • $5.99 10 Cheesy Sack only in the App or online
  • People that work there have the worst attitude!!
  • My order was forgotten and I got a sorry which was nice
  • I mean it's White Castle! What needs to be said other then get me by the sack or case lol
  • Double check your order. They always get mine wrong lol!
  • Worst customer service ever at fast food. Took 5 min before I was even acknowledged, and there was no line. Then 2 more min to take my order. But then again I didn't expect much.
  • The Castle never sleeps!
  • Must be trainee night...
  • Thow up now!
  • The rude person taking drive thru orders yelled at me cause i asked what time breakfast starts. i know it starts at midnight but the person told me to come back at 130-2am cause he wasnt ready yet...

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