Taotaoju Restaurant (陶陶居酒家 Taotaoju Restaurant)

Dim Sum, Chinese
$ $
20 Dishifu Rd. (near Datong Rd.)
广州, 广东 510000
+86 20 8138 9632


  • Established 1880, it happens to be one of the top dim sum/ canton restaurant in Guangzhou
  • Really a cool place in GZ, if you happens to be a visitor in GZ, just drop by and have a taste of the local cuisine!
  • 11
  • Food is much better than expect, reasonable price. One of the greatest Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou
  • One of the "OLD" restaurants established since 1880. :)) LIKE the name <>
  • Rudest, shittest service ever.. food is good though
  • Old school dim sum, the Siew mai and har gau are must orders. Is nice too. Don't take the egg tarts - cold and soulless
  • Missing the and here!
  • ! 1880. ! :
  • 2 3 1
  • Lagi-lagi babi...
  • Try their char Siew bao
  • On the way to Shangxia Pedestrian street... found the food to be a miss plus everything is self serve for dim sum!
  • ~
  • Authentic dim sum restaurant, most famous in Guang Zhou.
  • Dim sum not as good as expected. Sloppy service.
  • It's close now

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