Taco Zone

Food Truck, Tacos, Mexican
1342 N Alvarado St (at Montana St)
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(818) 763-4085


  • Punch some drunk hipsters and steal their tacos.
  • seriously...the suadero...god bless these women...
  • Why is no one raving about the best Horchata in LA? I kid you not. Oh, and a few Mulitas will sober you up son.
  • 2 veggie mulitas, 1 veggie taco TRUST me, it's not my first rodeo (or go BIG with the veggie burrito :))
  • Oh my gofn
  • suadero
  • Coming home from a night of debauchery and have a heavy appetite? Let their carne asada burritos soothe you down. Those beans are perfect along with the rice. Al pastor is a great choice too.
  • Maneuver your way up the curb in your car for instant Drive-Thru service.
  • Try the mulita, not on the menu.
  • Better Crowd than Flaming Taco. Everyone's Cool and/or Not Acting like a Drunk Assho7e! I go there 4 their Pastor Spit, which is usually off now. Might just come here now or Gus' Lunch Box by Cha Cha.
  • VERY Nice Ladies. Prices a bit steep but, worth it. Could use more marinating. Maybe chopping different meats, in a different way. Flavor shows but, meat feels all the same. 1, 1 Pastor & 2 Suadero
  • Dude, here at 8:45pm WITH NO LINE (shhhhh, don't tell anyone)
  • I have nothing but bad reviews, cockroaches and stuff! Believe me? Good. Cuz I'm sick of these lines! Mine!
  • This is the only taco cart in echo park worth eating. The al pastor, asada, and suadero tacos are way good. The suadero quesadilla is killer.
  • Mulitas. Suadero. Great condiment bar, everything is tasty compared to other taco trucks. Avocado Salsa rulezz.
  • Suadero tacos!!
  • los tacos de suadero y de asada. magnifico
  • Great location, but food is just alright. They don't even have tortas?! Regardless, the salsa is good and stopping here will truly help your hangover.
  • Three years after moving here, and it's still my favorite food truck. Every friend I bring here goes home happy. My usual's a half asada, half buche burrito with the two different salsas. Mmmmm...
  • The meat tacos are good, but the veggie taco with spanish rice, homemade beans and cheese is exceptional!

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