Starbucks 星巴克

Row 1

广州东站综合楼裙楼1楼 (广州东站店)
+86 20 6288 6033

Foursquare Tips

  • (-_-)
  • WiFi code : 2038370751
  • Under re-construction currently~
  • So in every Starbucks all around Guandong province if u will show them day before Starbucks bill u will got 20% discount for beverage
  • The wifi password is 2038370751
  • Awesome staff. Last week I left my backpack and I didn't realize about it until an hour later that I was about to board the train. They kept it for me and gladly I was able to recover it. My heroes
  • You can buy the latest city mug - Quanzhou and Chongzhan at this outlet too
  • They have 10 starbuck city mug for sales now !!
  • Nice location
  • 60 200
  • i 138
  • You need a Chinese mobile number to get a wifi password.
  • worst experience ever, super slow in providing receipt that cause me to miss train.
  • Wifi is free, they will send the password via SMS, even if you are in the nearby KFC. Enjoy, yay!
  • They have ham & chesse panini, most of the starbucks at Shenzhen doesn't
  • Wifi code 2061311363
  • Really nice crew if y chat with them for a bit try will give u extra coffee ;)
  • Wifi password: 2061311363