Sol Tasca

$ $ $
3 Fullerton Road # 01-04 (The Fullerton WaterBoatHouse)
Singapore, 049215


  • Seafood Rolls - Vietnamese Style <3
  • Love the Trio Mushroom dish! Awesome
  • Carbmeat Portobello : Rich Sweetness Crab meat.
  • Sauteed mushroom - Mushroom Lovers MUST try!!! <3
  • Fish & Chip: Softness of the fish... Crispy on the outer layer
  • Tender chicken...
  • Mini Sol's Burger: very cute! Although Is small butt Is filling! Softness of the patties melt in your mouth! <3 Must try!
  • Italian Pizza: super thin crush like biscuit. Yum! Yum!
  • Chicken Sandwiches
  • Seafood vanilla cream pasta
  • Gong Bao Salmon - Fantastic sweetness, softness of the fish
  • Menu is misleading, ate 24$ bi-hoon and music is fucking loud. Could not even have a conversation. Do not come here
  • Sangria is great!
  • Spanish omelette and paella are quite nice. V ex tho!
  • This spacious sun tapas bar is a welcome respite from the heat. Try the creamy mussel and bacalao starters, saffron-dusted paella Valencia and ambrosial lychee-ed Under the Bridge cocktail.

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