Salt Lick

$ $
Gate A16 (Terminal A)
DFW Airport, TX 76051


  • Not bad BBQ for an airport. No where as good as the original Salt Lick in Austin.
  • Best brisket at DFW! Better than Cousins
  • It's so-so. Dickey's is better
  • Better than Dickeys at the airport. Solid substitute for Dripping Springs.
  • If you get the BBQ Sampler you're still gonna be hungry.
  • Self service counter.
  • Not much meat in the sliced brisket sandwich.
  • Not even close to the real thing (obviously). But the sliced brisket is a solid option for a layover at DFW.
  • Expensive! Chopped brisket sandwich was OK (I've had better at Rudy's in Phoenix), I don't like the fries at all.
  • Good breakfast tacos! If your looking for a meal at least two is needed! Great snack size otherwise!
  • This place has excellent BBQ!
  • Next to Gate A16
  • Not quite the same as the original but still pretty yummy.
  • Try the Salt Lick breakfast taco...1/2 brisket, 1/2 sausage, all good...
  • Buy the dry rub and take it home, it's awesome on everything.
  • All sides, except the fries, say they are not the original recipe.
  • More meat and way less bread. Can't say it was great, but Lone Star and Red Barn are still much better in McAllen.
  • Just plain awful. Rubbery brisket, potato salad tasted weird and had dark yellow tint. Slaw was loaded with broccoli ?!? Not all bad, beans did taste pretty good, to be fair.
  • Get a bottle of the sauce. It's unique and phenomenal. Happy that Austin is sharing the love at DFW!
  • Order sliced beef (sold in 1/4 lb "sides" and bag it to go. Texas travels with you!

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