PSU Food Carts

Food Truck
SW 4th and SW College
Portland, OR


  • Some carts offer free food or discounts on your birthday!
  • That spicy plum sauce in the sticky jar is amazing. Even if the container looks a little risky.
  • They actually have full-sized kitchen ovens in one of these, try the pot pie. The lady makes it there and will give you an apple to go along with it.
  • great vietnamese sandwiches
  • Great quality and value. Many variations from middle eastern, Indian Mexican Japanese.
  • Fun and amazing to try. Definately a lot of variety
  • This is the place if you want options.
  • Shawarma, and the soup kart
  • I wish more food cart pods had parklets like this for seating.
  • Fav food carts
  • Great choice of ethnic foods. Everything is made to order so allow ample time for standing and waiting.
  • This is THE place for lunch at PSU. So many options for great food, and it's easy to spend $5-6 on a meal.
  • Cashew paradise at Krua Bangkok is an excellent choice!
  • Cheap and great thai food. Only $5 (make sure you have cash)
  • Portland Soup Co.'s Madras chicken soup with sweet potatoes is hearty and warming on a snowy afternoon.

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