Café, Asian
17062 Saturn Ln (Gemini & Saturn)
Houston, TX 77058
(832) 284-4543


  • If you're feeling sick, ask Shannel for suggestions on juice drinks. She is always willing to help!
  • Eclectic hidden chill spot with world inspired food and great juices. Chicken Zest sandwich rocks, Pad Thai is solid, and Coquito is gone the moment it arrives at the table! Delish!
  • Loved it! Super chill place to study or hang with friends. Also, their food and drimk menu is really yummy and healthy!
  • Starting around 8/1/13, NOKturne is open from 8 pm to 8 am. I bring a pad for the chairs. Feel free to move the tables or bring an extension cord for your laptop. Also, it is dimly lit.
  • Its effing amazing that this place is in Clear Lake. If youre an evening person or night owl, go here repeatedly.
  • Excellent vegetarian food and friendly service. Open until the odd hours of the night!
  • Late night....
  • Very vegan friendly!! #delish!
  • Ripe off! If want your money worth every penny and want to really benefits from drinking not diluted juice...then, this is not your place, just like I never intent to go back to NOKturne.
  • The steamed buns are great. The veggie pizza has an entire garden on it, but it is good.
  • It's quiet. Too quiet. I'm on the heavy set side, and I felt like I was going to break the furniture. Food is very pricy, and not that impressive.
  • Spinach steam buns and orchard blend juice.