Littleton, CO 80123


  • Dispite what "Brad" might think, I find Nella's to be a wounderful place! They always have many flavors on tap, and never run out of toppings. The staff offer honest and heartfelt welcomes to you.
  • The thin mint frozen yogurt is every bit as yummy as the girl scout cookies right out of the freezer
  • I think they need to clean out their machines because none of the yogurt tastes like the label. And had an odd taste.. Back to YogurtLand!
  • By far my favorite frozen yogurt place on the metro area. Lots of flavors available, and they rotate several seasonal flavors throughout the year. Great toppings bar, too.
  • Pineapple and Coconut swirled with fresh coconut topping is fantastic!
  • Nella's is da hood joint. If I ever see Brad I am going to sharpen my biodegradable spoon and shank him. (joking)
  • Snicker-doodle froyo is on it's way!! :)
  • I love Nella's! Some of the best frozen yogurt I've ever had. Employees are very kind and courteous! Try the THIN MINT :)
  • This place is amazing! Anyone who thinks differently has not a clue about business or a hidden agenda!!
  • Building design could use some work as you trip over other customers in the serving line. Yogurt is way too sweet. Also the spoons are biodegradable but their trash bags aren't... Won't be coming back

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