Mandoline Grill Truck

Food Truck, Vietnamese, Vegetarian / Vegan
Los Angeles, CA


  • Lemon grass tofu sandwich is amazing!
  • Try the Roasted Pork Bahn Mi
  • The vegan lemongrass tofu Banh Mi is the best in the city!
  • Best vegan banh mi in town. Follow them on Twitter
  • The pork bahn mi is awesome. The breakfast bahn mi...way too bland, so give it a pass.
  • The Vietnamese steak tacos are amazing and the staff is super friendly!
  • If you're vegan/vegetarian, you MUST try the Lemongrass Tofu Bahn Mi. Best marinated tofu I've ever had + their baguettes are vegan! Try the taco version for a lighter version.
  • *Vietnamese Tofu Tacos*
  • Do NOT get the nachos.
  • The nachos and tacos are Great!
  • Get the tofu salad.
  • Much better than nom nom!
  • Think authentic Vietnamese cuisine with a healthy LA twist. Owner Mong Skillman has taken her mothers culinary essence but lightened up the dishes using less oil, little fat, and absolutely no MSG.
  • The vegan banh mi is so good, you'll obsessively read their Twitter feed and seriously consider going way out of your way to get one.
  • Mandoline Grill has my favorite banh mi...ever. I've Nom'd, I've Phamished... Nothing compares to the deliciousness that is Mandoline Grill Banh Mi. Make sure you order an iced coffee (made to order)!
  • The nachos are tasty, but Nom Nom has a better banh mi.
  • Their vegan tofu banh mi is truly incredible and they sell cans of chunky coconut juice!
  • The Tofu Bahn Mi totally lives up to the hype!
  • Another person singing the praises of the lemongrass tofu banh mi. Amazing! Also the sriracha mayo sauce on the tacos and nachos is SO GOOD.
  • The tofu bahn mi is the best tofu I've ever tasted by far!