Kyoichi Ramen (巨一麵堂)

28 Cheong Lok St
+852 2323 0220


  • Super flavorful broth which makes it a heavy bowl of ramen.
  • quality ramen. tasted the miso w pork, low oil ... 8 clams :)
  • If you find the tonkotsu based miso ramen from other joint is too heavy for you. Try their chicken based miso ramen, it is more refreshing and yummy.
  • Miso Pork Ramen is good, but don't go there at non-peak hours as the master chef is not there.
  • Bbq pork ramen, awesome and filling $92 though
  • ox tongue is very flavorful,matches the salt broth very nicely. Ramen is slightly too soft for my liking tho, but definitely worth a try
  • Love their authentic Ramen! Hai
  • Love their goma ramen.. So yummy.. Only in Kyoichi Ramen
  • Attentive staff, better-than-average ramen.
  • Best miso ramen in town
  • ONLY CASH! might come prepared! The ramen is great !