Inagiku (稲菊)

$ $


  • Sushi Excess Lunch every weekend...288+ per person. Worth every penny if you really love SUSHI. Unlimited nigiri sushi of your choice from the menu...awesome!
  • Great Japanese food and service !!
  • The new ramen has been introduced in this Japanese restaurant. Just CNY135+ per bowl, you get 2 pcs of sliced pork and Wagyu beef each. I recommend ordering a prawn tempura side dish to top it up.
  • Decent quality sushi. W may be a high-end hotel but there're maintenance & safety issues when lift door shut and didn't move but started shaking. Alarm didn't work and calling hotel wasn't helpful.
  • Great service and presentation, but if you are looking for funny and entertaining teppanyaki - that's not your place. Boring and not very skillful.