Grill Kabob

Middle Eastern, Food Truck
1331 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC



  • Falafel and kabob options are tasty here, and relatively inexpensive. The chicken kabob gets made the fastest if you are in a hurry.
  • #2 chicken kabob is always hittin
  • Beef kabob salad, medium rare, no bread - pure tasty goodness.
  • In a combo you can always replace brown or white rice with spinach or chick peas. I love spinach with my chicken kabob combo!
  • Combo sandwich with hot sauce is great!
  • Curry chicken combo is fast and delicious!
  • At lunch, go with the chicken kabob over the others. It'll save you 5 minutes and tastes great!
  • Half chicken meal is excellent!
  • Falafel sandwich with fresh bread is huge and tasty.
  • kabob tastes good. now for the same price you get two sides including chick peas most other places around NO VA.