Damansara Uptown Hawker Centre

Food Court, Malay, Asian
Jalan SS 21/39, Damansara Uptown
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47400


  • Ah Keong Yong Tau Foo (gerai no. 1097) is a hit. There's always a long queue. It's next to Steven's wok corner
  • Lanun Steak's "Lanun Sauce" taste like Campbell's mushroom soup. Am not impressed at all
  • Makan/Minum sini memang murah dan berbaloi-baloi tapi kalau lepak lama sangat duit akan buta-buta habis kat orang buta...
  • Yup! Hidup ah keong!! My fav yong tau fu.. Eat here since 1998 during UM. Goreng2 +sayur sumbat &u hav to ask for chee cong fun inti' special.. Kuah asing! Always <rm10 eatin for 2.
  • Try the butter cheese naan with chicken tandoori at 'Okay Boss Tandoori' !!!
  • Please try Steven's Wok, opposite Steven's Western. They have the best kuey teow!
  • Really luv kuey tiaw kerang!
  • Loving the Chicken Chop with Blackpepper & Mushroom Sauce from Lanun Steak.simply the best
  • You cant bring outside drinks if you want to eat at Lanun Steak/Yazid's as Salleh's will halau u from that area. Even u wanted to order extra drinks from them.
  • Breakfast tak semua kedai bukak
  • Kalau u naik the middle tangga, turn left, almost to the end. In fact, I think at the very end(blkg Bintang Sue) there's a pakcik w glasses, his Chinese wife, and their son Ivan who has a stall there.
  • Bawal power terbaikkk!
  • I hate the busker guy. Suara xsedap lgsg.
  • aku lpk mkn kt avalala.... :)
  • I just love that one Chinese aunt who sells yong tau foo cos the taste were decent tho the price we do need to watch out. And kari kepala ikan and oyster. Voila. Lots of stall but u knew which is good
  • Steven's Corner of course a Hit for best western dish here. U also may try Sotong Kangkung and Char Kuey Teow from another shop. Very suitable place to eat and hangout wif buddies until late at nite
  • Check out olo olo dim sum! In front of salleh's place! They're selling dim sum and pao!! :D
  • The fruit rojak! And balitong.
  • Kalau datang sini xkan order kurang dr 2 jenis mkan. Semua sedap2 naik juling nak pilih
  • Nak menderma biarlah ikhlas tak payah nk caci2 org buta tu ye.

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