Chef Yu - Yuyu Za Zang

$ $
4871 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609



  • Now the address is changed to 4871 Telegraph.
  • I nearly cried cause my Ganjajang was so good.
  • Gan jajang mein is really good
  • Get the jia jiang mian noodles and the fried chicken. So good. Mandu are great too.
  • Their fried rice is quite tasty. Solid food without hurting the wallet. Score!
  • The jjampong or jampong is pretty good here, but one time the jajangmyeon was a bit too soupy. No real panchan here.
  • Zambbong (spicy soup noodle) is better than zazangmyun (black noodle) here.
  • Zazangmyun (black bean paste noodle) and jjamppong (spicy seafood noodle soup) are signature dishes here. Fried shrimp dish is really good too.
  • Greasy goodness. Get the Gan (less sauce) jjajangmyeon and some fried chicken and go crazy. Don't forget to eat lots of takuan and drink hot tea. You will thank me in the morning.
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  • Best seafood gan jajang!!
  • Gan jajang, tang su yuk are must gets!
  • black bean noodles are greeeeaaaaat here. best in oakland

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