708 W 22nd St (at Lyndale Ave S)
Minneapolis, MN 55405
(612) 872-0911



  • If you need to get lots of work done, this is the place! I love this place. It feels like Europe.
  • Vegan chocolate espresso muffins (from Hard Times) is the bomb. I love Caffetto cuz it's where the slightly poorer, less pretty, hipsters go to chain smoke.
  • The pinball machines in the basement are super fun!
  • drink some coffee and use extremely high speed internet.
  • Chill out, sail the high seas, talk to random strangers, smoke cigarettes, listen to good music, download at ridiculously high speeds, play ping pong. Oh, and drink some coffee.
  • Pinball and PingPong in the any coffee shop i have ever been to!!!
  • This is a pirate coffee bar! Arg!
  • Bride of Pinbot in the basement.
  • COFFEE!!!
  • Great espresso
  • Good Music and a Ping-Pong table in the basement. Think you could beat me? I'm guessing not.
  • Try a carmel latte with salted carmel flavor syrup. It cuts the sweetness quite nicely.
  • Pissed at the world. Most Fabulous High Speed WiFi. Damn good Iced Coffee.
  • Play ping-pong and have random conversations in between coffee breaks and occasional bouts of productivity
  • Pinball. Lattes. Internet.
  • Great place to get your work done! Infused with hardworking people and conversationalists. Go there to enjoy a cup of joe or play a few games below!
  • Drinking Sweet Cinnamon Pu'er. Yum!
  • Pinball and coffee, a strange buy highly rewarding experience.
  • Great bathrooms to poop in as you'll see from the bathroom wall. Great place to study all day. Vanilla maple cold press is delicious
  • The soap in the bathroom smells super good.

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