Cafe Kashkar

Row 1

1141 Brighton Beach Ave (at Brighton 14th St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11235
(718) 743-3832

Foursquare Tips

  • Try some lamb dumplings. What's that, you don't want lamb? Well how about some lamb skewers. No? Perhaps a lamb pot pie? A lamb-stuffed roll? Lamb soup? Lamb with noodles? Lamb lamb lamb.
  • One of New York's only Uyghur restaurants. Lamb on skewers, lamb in dumplings, lamb in hand-pulled noodle soup, and other recommendable non-lamb things.
  • Look past the shabby dcor and dive into a delicious assortment of Kababs, the lamb was succulent. Try the Laghman noodles and the Carrot Salad. BYOB.
  • the best Uzbek cafe ever! must try manty and samsa!!!
  • This is a fantastic Uzbek spot in Brighton. Everything is tasty and dirt cheap. Highly recommended!
  • So, so good. Try anything with hidden lamb- if it's a dumpling or a pastry, you won't be sorry
  • This is central Asian cuisine, not eastern European.
  • The lamb ribs and salads are amazing.
  • Small place, but the service and the food is great
  • Cafe Kashkar is BYOB
  • !!!!
  • Noodles and lamb! (Layman!!!) Carrot salad!
  • The service here is top notch, food is fresh and delicious and they a table outside.
  • Loved the lagman noodles
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  • This Brighton Beach standby specializes in the topsy-turvy cooking of Xinjiang. Dont miss the charcoal-grilled kebabs that perfume the air inside the delightfully over-decorated space.
  • the dumplings (manty) are so different from the usual, the lagman, and the soup are all so good. very cozy and comfortable interior.
  • I've been there for the first time in April.The waitress took care me and my friends very carefully.We ordered manti plov and samsa which were amazing.Thank you for the great experience!I'll come back