Cafe Castello

Coffee Shop, Italian
161 S Country Rd
Bellport, NY 11713


  • Regarding Anders' tip above, only a few Bellport restaurants have the right plumbing allowing for proper washing of plates and cutlery. Castello's doesn't have it yet. Thus the paper plates.
  • Beat pizza. Period. Say hi to Nick! Great guy.
  • You have to try their smoothies! Banana mango with protein my fave :) if you just want to grab n go; get the Homemade Protein bar, you won't regret! 12 G protein and only 84 calories!
  • Simple. Spaghetti and Meatballs. Amazeballs!
  • This place takes its food seriously. Sandwiches, pasta and salads, freshly made and (it seems like) no prefab. But invest $100 in some real plates and cutlery though - the flimsy plastic is no good.
  • You have to try the carrot cake muffin with cream cheese icing, delish!