Café, Tea Room, Hookah Bar
201 Harbord St (at Bathurst St)
Toronto, ON M5S 1H6


  • Very cool vibe. Great place to try new teas, hang out and play board games
  • Cozy and good tea but they removed the poutine soup which was the only good food :(
  • Friendly staff, nice chai!!!
  • Super cozy! Hookah was nice
  • BlogTO ruined this teahouse. Plagues of proles have drained this wonderful place of its last notes of being bohemian. Je suis Bampot!
  • New fave! Love that they have about 400 kinds of teas, the cozy nooks and super friendly staff.
  • Very friendly staff, fair prices, and a very cute decor. Love this place!!!
  • Very cozy with lots of "cubbie holes" for couples and groups to hide out. Decent little selection of games, most are brand new. Food/snack menu is a little small however tea selection is top notch.