Bagels, Coffee Shop
566 Lorimer St (at Metropolitan Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(347) 294-0046



  • i think the bagel i had here saved my life. thank you based bagel god
  • I guess if your job was to write bagel orders on post-its, you'd be a dick too... kind of a soup nazi vibe.
  • If you want it done fast and you want it done right, you should probably go somewhere else.
  • They take fifty orders at once and you have to sit there while fifty coked up drunks buy stuff with their credit cards and by the time you get your toasted bagel with cream cheese its hard as a rock
  • good bagels but goddamn if they don't fuck up yr order two times outta three.
  • The bagels here are good. Trust me, I'm Jewish.
  • 50 .
  • Try the bagels.
  • It's amazing how shitty this place is compared to the one on bedford. Gets your order wrong constantly and the wait is awful even when there is no line
  • C'mon, guys. Dont know how hard it is to get such a simple order wrong, but yall do almost every time. Everything bagel not toasted, w CC. Not egg bagel w tomato. Youre a f'n BAGEL SHOP for gods sake!
  • Best iced coffee, they melt the sugar before the ice !
  • Yummy bagels, nice staff and no credit card minimum!
  • Located right on top of the Lorimer L stop, this 24 hour bagels spot offers a variety of house made bagels and a variety of flavored schmears. Bonus points for properly made iced coffee.
  • They work 24 hours here you tip and treat them with respect you can get any kinda tea or beverage and such good pastries and bagels.
  • Almost impressive how bland they are able to make an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese and lox.
  • Fantastic bagels
  • These bagels are perfect.
  • This is one of the few New York places to carry pork roll.
  • Cheap bagels (the minis make the perfect midnight snack), no credit card minimum & they are 24 hour. Try the Sausage, Bacon, Egg & Cheese for a greasy hangover cure. Also- great deals with Belly.
  • It's a given that Bagelsmith will be busy on weekday mornings during the work rush. But nothing beats WEEKEND mornings, when everyone is attempting to buffer their hangovers. Be ready to wait.

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