Astro Family Restaurant

Diner, Coffee Shop, American
2300 Fletcher Dr (at Glendale Blvd)
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 663-9241



  • Go somewhere else.
  • GREAT people watching, it's cheap, the food is high quality (diner standards), wait staff is pro, it's open 24-7, it's hipster/dickhead free 99% of the time and thy bump rad tunes.
  • Sony let em stick you in that back room, that area kinda sucks. Flirt with wait staff, it goes a long way. If you can, have sexual relations win a member of the wait staff, it goes a REALLY long way!
  • Diego and Ricky are the best!
  • Seen frequently in HBO series "Six Feet Under".
  • Our waitress "Julie" was awesome, & very hospice. If you need a lesson on the diners history she we be gladly to school you & your company. Also she makes her coffee rounds to keep your cup full.
  • Great neighborhood icon. Decent food, good service. Better than many fancy attitude driven silverlake restaurants.
  • Two of the best waiters (Diego and Ricky) in diner food service are no longer here. NOT COOL! I am probably no longer a regular customer!!!!
  • Watch out for the hipsters
  • Sooo much better than House of Pies. The menu is pretty standard. Awesome spot for breakfast and late dinner
  • This place is amazing. The breakfast specials on the boards are great, for $6.50 you can get really full. If there is onlt two or one of u sit at the counter, everyone is so nice! Great coffee too!
  • Try everything!
  • The projekt junkies eat here!
  • A Mexican-American woman reared in Hollywood's shadow dreams of meeting her rock idol Morrissey at Astros Coffee Shop in THE MADONNAS OF ECHO PARK, by Brando Skyhorse.
  • Always consistent... and somehow, they have fresh lettuce in the salads at 2am. Try the Gourmet Sandwich.
  • Great, no nonsense diner. Get you avocado toast elsewhere.
  • Great food. The Orange juice alone is worth the stop. Service outstanding.
  • Offbeat L.A. tip: This building was designed in 1958 by Googie architects Armet & Davis. Originally it was a Donley's diner & then a Conrad's. It has been Astro's since 1974.
  • A solid, classic diner
  • BBQ chicken is pretty darn good

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