Reptile Discovery Center

Zoo Exhibit
3001 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20060
(202) 633-4888


  • A good place to warm up.
  • The Giant Tortoises rock!!
  • Meet-A-Reptile @ 3pm on Weekend afternoons
  • Bring a hat, umbrella or something to shield you from the sun. Super clean and educational. Staff is so friendly
  • Find Elizabeth, one of the red-shirted weekend volunteers--she loves reptiles and knows a ton. Great with kids, too.
  • Eagle eye? Find the chameleon!
  • The smaller reptiles are the most active.
  • They have Anacondas, my favorite animal, The last time I went to the Pittsburgh Zoo, about 4Years ago (the closest zoo to Altoona) they had the exhibit set up, but no anacondas. I was excited 2 C them

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