Regency Square Mall

Row 1

9501 Arlington Expy (at Monument Rd)
Jacksonville, FL 32225
(904) 725-3830

Foursquare Tips

  • This mall sucks.
  • Wear a bulletproof vest.
  • Not the greatest mall for shopping, Great for exercise walk if it is raining or to hot. Food court is awesome! The Avenues Mall is much better mall for shopping.
  • Went specifically for the Dillard's. This side of the mall was very empty as seen in the photo.
  • At FYE you can sell back your old CDs DVDs blu rays and video games for cash or store credit!
  • This Mall is 90% shut down
  • The Ghetto !!!!
  • I hate this mall!
  • If you're looking for a half empty mall where you can actually experience a real life Survivor, this is your place. Put on the Kevlar and visit during daylight hours. Don't let a shooting scare you.
  • It's not too bad if you go to the larger-tiered stores. The food court ain't too bad, but overall, it's gone down in the years...
  • Such a boring mall
  • ...rengency? Really?
  • It used to be a good mall, its still not that bad you people suck I grew up here. It only got bad when the economy went to shit. Ill always love this mall.
  • Dont get shot
  • dead and creepily silent. a lot of crime on the half closest to the movie theater. the other half is ok
  • Turn around and walk back out!
  • I still love this Mall, even though a lot of stores have closed. Sad to see this happen. I have been shopping here since I was a little girl. It is so close to my house and convenient for me.
  • Ghettoville
  • Avoid bullets.