Reading Cinemas

10-14 Market Ln (Main St)
Rouse Hill, NSW 2155
+61 2 9830 2800


  • Make sure that you pay attention where the men's room and the ladies are, don't just tweet and walk
  • WARNING: there is NO, I repeat NO frozen coke machine here.
  • Loved their reclining seats!
  • Not really busy on a Friday night
  • Better seats, more comfort and a HUGE screen.... what more is there to say?!
  • Gold class is well worth the extra money, awesome lounge area, cocktails and the most comfy recliners!
  • Your ticket comes with a free small drink and popcorn so don't forget to ask for it!
  • Gold lounge better than gold class. Cheaper tix, and better, more varied menu.
  • Saw Sanctum 3D, thought it could be worse given mediocre reviews but not a bad action/adventure flick
  • Avoid Tuesday nights. Its the dirtiest this place gets. 10 mins b4 the fillum & no one's bothered to pick up trash left from the last screening. Disgusting!
  • See The Social Network, enjoy it for what it is, don't expect it to be a truthful documentary on the beginnings of facebook but an enjoyable story about internet start-ups and entrepreneurship
  • Since doing the Renos, this is a great cinema. Value for cash, theres no other cinema that offers these prices. The seats are so awesome, youll find yourself asleep and relaxed in no time. Ha ha

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