Postman's Park

Edward St
London, Greater London EC1A 7BX


  • See if you can find a guide book that describes this place without using the phrase "hidden gem". Bet you can't.
  • Once popular with postmen on their lunch break, this park is much higher than the streets around it because it stands on the site of 3 packed medieval burial grounds from nearby churches.
  • In Postmans Park you can find a wall commemorating heroic self sacrifice, for those who would otherwise have no memorial. It was unveiled in 1900.
  • Here's the plaque of Alice Ayres, where Natalie Portman gets her name from in the movie "Closer"
  • A haven of tranquility. The Memorial to Heroic achievements is moving to read
  • The fish in the fountain are not for eating
  • The best quiet respite from the bustle of the City. Read the moving stories of everyday heroes from Victorian times to the present enshrined on plaques on the wall.
  • ?!
  • Very few places, bar war memorials, in this town that the heroic deeds of ordinary men, women and children are remembered.
  • Little tear in my eye after reading these.
  • This place is a hidden gem. Peaceful little park. Check out the memorial wall.
  • Beautifully quiet. Check out the memorial wall plaques.
  • Atmosphere:)
  • One of my favourite places in London. It's a peaceful little park well hidden from the crowd and with some history to discover.
  • Genuinely moving place
  • Lovely hidden garden in the middle of the bustling city - perfect place to eat lunch on a nice day. Check out the wall of sacrifices.
  • The fish are nice to watch.
  • Take time to read the plaques
  • The ducks in the pond are back!
  • Alice Ayres plague. If you've seen the film Closer you'll know what I mean!

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