Pizzastaðurinn á Hverfisgötu 12

Hverfisgötu 12
Reykjavík, Höfuðborgarsvæði
+354 437 0203


  • Mli me sterku pizzunni -->
  • Potato pizza was amazing. Its off menu but they will serve it if you ask for it. Dough is fluffy with a nice crisp on the outside. Make sure to add garlic and chili oil for extra flavor!
  • White pizza > red pizza
  • The pizza is amazing and I was surprised to even find a vegan one with cashew cheese on the menu (so good!). The interior is cozy as well :)
  • Best is to order few different with your friends and share slices. You should forget about the prices, it won't help.
  • Absolutely brilliant place. The pizza was top notch. the environment very cozy and quirky. Small rooms, very friendly and helpful staff. And off course nothing will beat the upstairs Mikkeler&friends
  • Potato pizza is a genius and delicious idea.
  • A true pizza fan should check it out and order a few pies. Very interesting style and toppings. Excellent starters too, especially the beef tartar
  • Potato pizza is highly recommended. Also special tip: go get a beer upstairs at Mikkeller, they have ~20 on tap and you can bring them to the restaurant.
  • Great service, good beer and a tasty bacon and fire baked egg pizza.
  • Slightly overrated, but the pizza is still fantastic. They offer some untraditional toppings, but that makes everything a whole lot more exciting. Also, it's a MUST checking out Mikkeller Bar upstairs
  • Some of the best (and most unique) pizza I've ever had...and I've had a lot of great pizza (NYC, Italy, etc.).
  • Kind of overrated in my opinion and expensive for what it is. Pizza is intriguing and tasty but almost 3 thousand isk for a 12" pizza is a bit much
  • Birch old fashioned is a gem. Don't miss it.
  • Kartflu pizzan er BEST!
  • Pizzas with an Icelandic twist! Try the BBQ one!
  • Good pizza. But overpriced. Nearly 3000kr for 12 inch. That is alot.
  • Mr fannst pizzan me chorizo pylsu, ost og lauk mjg g.
  • Best pizza in town
  • I can't think of a better pizza place. Really delicious!

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