Phantom Gourmet: White’s Bakery

Phantom Gourmet: White’s Bakery

BROCKTON (CBS) — Some bakeries specialize in bread, or cookies, or custom cakes.

But White’s doesn’t do just one thing, they do everything. White’s Bakery and Cafe has three locations South of Boston, including the Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham, the Pavilion Shopping Center in Mansfield, and their flagship store at Pearl Street in Brockton.

And every day, their never-ending pastry cases are filled to the brim with all things sweet, chocolatey, fluffy, and frosting-topped… all made fresh, by hand, with extreme attention to detail.

“Things like the fruit tarts… our gateau charlene, the finishing work is really important… You know they taste great but they look amazing…. They just put so much time and effort into placing each little strawberry on the tortes… or the fruit tarts. They just spend a lot of time making everything look really good. So they just have to be fast too. I mean, we’re putting out a lot of things, every day. So… speed is important,” says Jamie White Chung.

Along with her brothers, and her father David who started the bakery, Chung oversees a massive kitchen that cranks out everything from Cream Puffs to Calzones. There’s a selection of decadent cheesecakes, ultra-crispy Lobster Tails, and one of the best brownies you’ll ever taste.

“Our brownies are delicious. We do a Valrhona chocolate brownie and it’s just super moist, super decadent… really dense… it melts in your mouth,” she says.

And your mouth will never be so happy, or so full, as it when it takes a bite out of White’s.

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