Patty's Taco Truck

Food Truck, Mexican, Tacos
1280 Lexington Ave (at E 86th St.)
New York, NY 10028
(347) 216-9538


  • This is the taco truck that sits at the corner of 86th and Lexington, had to give it the Best Buy address as it's a "moving target". Call the num. listed if they aren't there.
  • fantastic taco al pastor, tortas, tlacoyos, sopes and huaraches. however, they now put lettuce and tomatoes on the tacos (thanks for this, taco bell) instead of the cilantro/onions of old. you have
  • Takes 20 minutes to get your food :(
  • Amazing. I have dinner here three or four times a week. It's that good. But I will diversify soon.
  • They can make you anything, just ask for it. Best meal: Grilled chicken + avocado salad
  • Pure burrito-sauce love. Someone give me the recipe.
  • Also try Union Square West @ 14th Street