Pat Kin Pat Sun Cafe 不见不散茶餐厅

Chinese, Hong Kong
Klang Parade
Klang, Selangor


  • Dont even think to try any of the cheese baked rice... its sucks...
  • Damn bad and slow service !!!! Banned gao gao this branch _>
  • The food overall is ok but the service was suck!! All the staff showed black face all the time... macam their boss owe them salary -.-
  • Food is just ok only. Nothing is so special here
  • Use plastic cup for the drinks.ruin the feel of hong kong restaurant.n ying yong taste lik hell
  • Variety of food selections. Similar to Kim Gary. The difference is that here has set dinner for 2-4 pax or more consists of dishes and rice :) Worth it!
  • Very bad service, 1.tomato bittle filled with chili 2.serve hot water for toddler 3 . attitude is bad
  • Have ordered 7 dishes but 3 are not available. Bad.
  • The sandwich is filled with too much mayonnaise so it's not nice
  • Bad food and bad service, no more next time.
  • Poor service.
  • Setia City Mallsibeh()
  • Press the bell for alot of times and waiter ain't showing up...
  • Ordered and waited for half and hour and waiter come and tell us "the things u ordered finished already" what the fuck? Why cant u tell us when u going to close ur shop!?? KNN...
  • Fucking bad services here !
  • Food and service is bad

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