The Pasta Shop

5655 College Ave (in Rockridge Market Hall)
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 250-6005


  • Always the best selection of fine foods from local to global -- particularly olive oil... Ask for a guided tasting by one of the friendly buyers.
  • For those certain food items you just cant find anywhere else, from stocks to gelatin sheets. -Tim Nugent, Top Chef Just Desserts
  • Excellent selection of pre-made foods like rotisserie chicken and large variety of vegetables
  • One of the best places around to go when when you must put something good in the table and you have no time to cook. Excellent ravioli, best roast chicken in the East Bay.
  • They have standard year-round items plus a rotating menu of seasonal foods. Some are available only on certain days. If you get something you love, ask them how often it's on the menu.
  • Repeat after me: "Can I have a taste of that?"
  • Go to the fantastic cheese counter and eat all the cheese and buy it too.

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5655 College Ave (in Rockridge Market Hall)
5655 College Ave (in Rockridge Market Hall)
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