Parsons Beach

Beach, Surf Spot
Parsons Beach Rd. ((Private))
Kennebunk, ME 04043


  • Ride your bike to the beach and make the sparse parking irrelevant!
  • The fishing
  • Is what u remember 4bluefish and 3 striper.
  • Get there in the morning in a day when its low tide if your fishing. And if you are make sure you bring strong line and a big container to put fish in. The highest amount ive gotten in one day cont /\
  • This beach water was nice and warm.
  • Excellent private beach. Clean up after yourself to not annoy the neighbors. Cool place to come at night to stargaze although fisherman may be there joining you.
  • Get here early. Parking is limited!
  • What a beautiful place! So quiet and peaceful. Very different than the other beaches. Fishing in the surf and the inlet. No amenities except for a Porta-Potty but that's ok.
  • Parking fills up really early, lots of fishing when it's low tide. Dogs allowed between certain hours (6-9 AM / PM only).