Palais Grand-Ducal (Groussherzogleche Palais)

Palace, Capitol Building, Museum
17 Rue du Marché-aux-Herbes
Lëtzebuerg, Lëtzebuerg 1728
+352 47 48 74 1


  • Watch the guard out front during the week. Reminds you of Buckingham Palace on a small scale.
  • Beautiful building.
  • Nice area of the city.
  • Placed in the heart of the city, seeing the 16Th century home of the Grand Duke of Lux is a must.It gives guests history & revealing classic Lux architecture
  • Solo abierto en verano y no se permiten las fotos. Los boletos se compran en la oficina de turismo
  • If it is cloudy weather, building looks like a ghost-full house of the movie Ghostbusters :) Changing of the guard is also nice activity to watch.
  • The ducal palace in the middle of the city of Luxembourg. If you're lucky you can see important people to come in and go out. However nothing fancy compard to other palaces in the world.
  • It's amazing :)
  • right on the opposite - the Chocolate House
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  • Definitely a place for a visit. In summer the palace opens for one-hour guided tours. The royals once resided here but today it's used as the Grand Duke's office and for formal receptions.
  • If you want to visit Grand Ducal Palace you have to buy tickets in the tourist centre - each for 7. Ive visit lot of sights and that just wasnt worth for the money.
  • Bonn chocolate has amazing stuff in front of the palace :) better than watching the soldiers :)

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