One One Three Seafood Restaurant (日日生海鲜饭店)

Chinese, Asian, Seafood
11 Jalan Putra 2
Dengkil, Selangor 43800


  • Eat the Fish Head Soup & Fried rice cost RM 46! I paid her RM 50 but she said i only gave her RM 20, she hide the RM 30 in her own pocket! Cheating customer money!!!
  • Bware of the China tall lady! Cheat customer money!
  • She came fr 2 cheat people money!
  • Be aware the Chinese Middle age lady- cheating money! Count yr balance probably. She try to cheat people money...
  • Cheating Chinese lady age 35-45. Be careful guys! Food nice 2 eat but when yr money cheated no more appetite! So, i wouldn't come back 2 this restaurant anymore!
  • Just be careful the middle age 35-45 Chinese lady. Pay her RM 50 for the amount of RM 16, balance must be RM 34 but she denied it said i just gave her RM 20!! No more back again! Cheating money !
  • Alot of lalat
  • Yes.. a lot of LALAT n i saw RATs too ..running near to the freezer !
  • Since then i never go there anymore!! Hate China women cheating people, MEMALUKAN chinese !
  • Yup..i oso cheated by t tall China lady..i lost rm20,. like kena bomoh 1. U wouldn't realized that time but oni know later when u check yr wallet. Never might Abcxyz, just gave her as her Pak Kim..
  • Good service and fast serving food. Also affordable price.
  • Cheaper...
  • Decent Chinese food in Dengkil area. Come early during lunch to avoid waiting for table. Price is reasonable.
  • Frequently dinner here. Their food is good, service is good as well.
  • Delicious cheap Chinese food
  • Curry fish head is a must
  • 8 RM 32
  • The dishes are oily and disgusting not recommended. This restaurant cheat money, don't ever come. 8 small prawns with the price of RM 32
  • The food is nice at night. And I guess the China lady is gone.
  • all the food

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