Ollivander's Wand Shop - Hogsmeade

Row 1

Hogsmeade (Islands Of Adventure)
Orlando, FL 32819

Foursquare Tips

  • Choose your very own wand - or have it choose you.
  • I was chosen two years in a row- the secret is to stand near the center front and look like you are about to pee yourself out of excitement!
  • Never keep your wand in your back pocket.
  • Ollivander's wasn't in Hogsmead it was in Diagon Alley...
  • Long line. Be patient
  • No this is not a restaurant, a roller coaster, and NO you cannt play games.
  • The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter. It is not always clear why to those who study wandlore...
  • No wonder Draco had a complex. That is one ugly wand the kid got.
  • Even though 1 person is chosen out of 20ish ppl to have the wand chose you, I say it's worth the experience to see it be acted out. Definitely wait in line for the full magical experience
  • This little show feels like you are watching a short scene from the movie in person.. Totally worth the hot.sweaty wait.
  • This is great for a true fan.
  • If you dare go into Knockturn Alley with your interactive wand and pull out your map to reveal secret wand locations!
  • I was chosen - look uber excited and it helps to wear some Harry Potter paraphernalia!! (:
  • Simone H. Obviously not a fan of HP. If so this is a great experience and you are not forced to buy a wand. If you remember Harry bought his wand
  • As one of the workers mentioned, even Harry had to buy his wand.
  • So worth the wait even tho we didn't get picked!
  • Do this first thing!
  • There's only one option - get here first thing in the morning. If you don't, be prepared for at least an hour wait, and a struggle through one of the most poorly designed shops in all creation.
  • Definitely worth the wait in line... One lucky child get to have his want chose them
  • If you break your wand, just come back here. Please don't try to fix it yourself.