NY Waterway Ferry Terminal Port Imperial

Row 1

4800 Ave At Port Imperial Blvd (at Ferry Blvd.)
Weehawken, NJ 07086
(800) 533-3779

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  • I'm on a boat
  • Try the quickest and most convenient way into NYC!!
  • The ferry is the shit!
  • Free transfers from NJ - NYC for Sandy Hook Service http://www.nywaterway.com/SandyHook.aspx
  • I love the ferry! The easiest way to get into the city with half the traffic. :)
  • Inaugural "Escape to the Palisades" - Half Marathon and 5K http://www.nywaterway.com/NewsDetails.aspx?iid=432&spotlocation=MAIN
  • I'm going on a "boat"
  • Buy a round-trip ferry ticket & get a discount on Auto Show admission w/ the special link. Buy ur adult or child ticket online; use ur ticket voucher at Port Imperial Terminal http://bit.ly/GBcPGX
  • You are one boat ride away from some of the best sushi on the planet. Walk right passed robongi and go eat in the city. Just saying!!!
  • For all NY Waterway info, please visit our website at www.nywaterway.com and don't forget to try our Bus Locator www.nywaterway.com/GPS
  • For service advisories, please visit us at www.nywaterway.com
  • Just a question... Why haven't "they" built the stairs from the light rail ped bridge down to Port Imperial? Is the ped bridge just for show?
  • If you park, grab a drink at the bar before you head to your car and get your parking ticket validated
  • The view is incredible on a clear night. Just snapped a few pics of NYC. Bring a camera or someone with alot paper, paint and free time.
  • Try and remember to pick up your dry cleaning.
  • Clean, safe, easy to get transportation or park.
  • Nice ride as usual, often overlooked during commuting is cleanliness of facilities. Thank you NY Waterway for having clean facilities today. It was appreciated.
  • Love this ride!
  • Convenient ,on time and takes you where you want to go...beautiful skyline view and picture ops on top floor parking garage
  • Best way to get to NYC without any hassle. At night, the view is near breath taking!