Taiwanese Grandma Turns Heads By Carrying Fish In A Louis Vuitton Handbag

Talk about a generational gap. One Taiwanese grandson thought he was spoiling his dear grandmother when he bought her a Louis Vuitton handbag worth $1,100. Imagine his shock when he found out that she had instead been using the haute handbag as a receptacle to tote her fresh fish and groceries home from the market.

The story — which was initially posted on the anonymous Taiwanese online forum Dcard, according to the BBC — detailed the hilarious mishap, which has since gone viral both within and outside Taiwan. The young man had purchased the expensive gift for his grandma as a surprise after finding out that she had been using the same worn-out cloth bag for years.

His grandma had apparently not realized the worth (or purpose) of the "Neverfull" handbag, which has become wildly popular throughout Asia, but she gladly reported that the bag was sturdy and waterproof.

"Your granny must be the most fashionable person at the market, walking around like she's strutting on the runway, even the fish has gone up in value!" one comment on the original post, which has since received 30,000 likes and comments, said.

The generous grandson decided not to point out the blunder to his grandma after seeing how happy she was.