Taco Bell Will Soon Expand Overseas To UK, India, Japan, And More

For Taco Bell, it's not enough just to serve Doritos Locos to millions of fast food-craving Americans; they want to do the same for Europeans and Asians as well. Yum! Brands just announced that Taco Bell will be expanding overseas. Right now Taco Bell only has 250 international units, but soon they will be adding 1,300 more, primarily in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, with a particular focus on the U.K., Poland, India, Japan, Korea, Chile, and Peru.

"In addition to our focus on innovation, new daypart expansion, and delivering world-class operations, another key element to our growth strategy includes focusing on restaurant development both domestically and globally," said Brian Niccol, Taco Bell's president, in a statement on the international push. ""I'm confident that these changes to our leadership structure will help us make Taco Bell a brand that people champion around the world."

This is all part of Taco Bell's plan to push into other platforms. This year, 200 more locations were opened stateside (a record-setter for the company), and Taco Bell also expanded into the breakfast and fast-casual worlds with the waffle taco and U.S. Taco Co.

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